"I wept for the state of this world. A world of lies. A world that makes promises it cannot keep"
American Horror Story Coven: Episode 12 Go To Hell (January 22, 2014) dir. Alfonso Gomez-Rejon
Nirvana Ask!
Love Buzz: Do you like anyone?
Negative Creep: What do you do when you feel bad?
Paper Cuts: What was your worst nightmare like?
All Apologies: When something bothers you, do you talk about it or just swallow it?
Dumb: Any awkward moments you'd like to share?
Heart-Shaped Box: Describe your last (or current) relationship.
Pennyroyal Tea: What annoys you about other people?
Rape Me: What do you think about our society?
Sliver: Describe the relationship you have with your parents.
Breed: If you had a crush on someone, would you have enough courage to tell them?
Come As You Are: Do you rather like people like you or people different from you?
Drain You: Do you have siblings? Do you get along with them?
In Bloom: Your first favorite band?
Lithium: What's your opinion on drugs? Do you do them? If not, would you like to try?
Lounge Act: Do you get jealous easily?
Smells Like Teen Spirit: What is more important to you, the lyrics or the melody of a song?
Territorial Pissings: Do you get pissed easily?

† disposable grunge ♡☯
Send me an English word and I’ll translate it to my native language

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group projects when no one knows what they’re doing


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019/100 favourite hayley’s outfits
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